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    Golf-inspired Foot Racing Events *

    Foot races on golf courses? That's right! LinksRun owns and manages a network of limited-field, premium golf course running events. No cart paths allowed! Gain unparalleled access to pristine fairways, beautiful surroundings, and new and challenging urban racing venues. Check out our event highlights below.

     *LinksRun events are foot races. No golf experience is required to participate and have fun!  



    Premium Surface

    Golf courses are the #1 surface to run on

    9.5/10 Rating - Runner's World 


    Exclusive Access

    Golf courses are OFF-LIMITS to runners

    With LinksRun, you're invited to run!

    Sunsets & Evenings

    Run into the sunset, race into the night

    It's time for you to shine...your headlamps!

    Free Golf 

    Swing for fun or get expert instruction

    Free range balls & golf clinics



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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is LinksRun?

    LinksRun events are foot races. No golf experience is required to participate and have fun! We're bringing urban foot racing off the road and onto the highest rated running surface in the world: golf courses! LinksRun is an innovative racing group that owns and manages a network of limited-field, premium golf course running events. No cart paths allowed! Gain access to pristine fairways, beautiful surroundings, and new and challenging urban racing venues. 

    What are LinksRun event race distances?

    LinksRun events typically provide 3 race distance options for participants to choose from. Longer distance options are feasible as well.   

    • 1mi Race - (3 holes)

    • 5k Race - (9 Holes)

    • 10k Race - (18 Holes)

    Note: Exact lengths vary slightly by course.

    How much does a LinksRun event cost?

    Entry fees vary by location and course. Adult walk-up entry fees are generally as follows:

    • 1mi Race: $20
    • 5k Race: $30 
    • 10k Race: $50


    Note: *All participants and guests will have complimentary access to the driving range prior to start, free beginner golf clinics (when available), as well as a variety of post race food and beverage. Prizes will also be awarded for the top male and female finishers in each race distance and age group. The number of prizes increases with the size of the field.

    Who can participate in a LinksRun event?

    Anyone can run, jog or even walk in a LinksRun event! This is your chance to experience a foot race on terrain that is considered 'sacred' ground to golfers, and off-limits to runners! With LinksRun, you're invited to run on the #1 rated surface in the world. Everyone should give it a try!  

    Can children participate?

    Absolutely. LinksRun is the perfect family outing! Take advantage of our complimentary access to the driving range prior to the start, run the race together, and enjoy a variety of bites at the finish line! 

    What time of day does a LinksRun event start?

    LinksRun events normally take place during evenings starting at sunset...the best time to be on a golf course!

    How will the start work?

    Packet pick up will close 15 minutes prior to start, at which point we will instruct everyone to gather around the starting line. We will go through announcements, and then ask runners will line up 'corral style' according to:

    1. Race distance (10k/5k/1k)
    2. Race pace (6:00/7:00/8:00/etc)
    3. Running with groups of friends

    We will sing the national anthem, cheer, and countdown to the start. All 10k participants will go off first, followed by the 5k participants, and finally the 1k. participants.

    Can I run ahead of my grouping? What if I fall behind my grouping?

    LinksRun events are individual races (...for now), so once you take off there is no requirement to maintain any other pace than your own. Challenge yourself to break away, use group dynamics to push yourself, or simply enjoy going at your own speed!

    Will it get dark while I'm still running?

    LinksRun events will start in the evenings during sunset. Depending on the race distance, race pace, and starting time, some participants will not finish before dark. 


    Therefore we encourage 5k participants to bring a headlamp (or lighting equivalent), and we will REQUIRE all 10k participants to bring a headlamp (or lighting equivalent), as a majority of the course will not be lit after dark. You will be required to present your headlamp (or lighting equivalent) during check-in, and if you do not own one, LinksRun may have affordable headlamps available for purchase on the day of the event.


    For your own safety, we must reserve the right to not allow you to participate without a headlamp. 

    What kinds of golf activities will LinksRun offer?

    LinksRun will offer complimentary access to the driving range, (clubs included), free golf clinics (when available), and a variety of golf contests for you to enjoy before each race.

    I don't play golf. Is that okay?

    No golf experience is required to participate in a LinksRun event. However, we love the game of golf, and if you give it a try we think you will too! That’s why LinksRun will offer complimentary driving range access, free golf clinics, and fun golfing contests before each race. Even if you've never picked up a club, we encourage you to participate and see what golf is all about!

    What kind of clothes should I wear?

    LinksRun events are foot races and running attire is appropriate.  Golf courses are traditionally conservative environments, and for that reason we prohibit wearing costumes, revealing clothing, or otherwise risque attire. Running spikes are also strictly prohibited. LinksRun shirts are perfect attire!!

    Can I play Speedgolf during a LinksRun event?

    For obvious safety reasons, we cannot allow people to play Speedgolf, or traditional golf, while runners are out on the course. Some LinksRun events in 2016 may offer Speedgolf exhibitions before the event, but not during the race. Consider hitting free range balls, participating in our free golf clinics, or participating in fun golf contests when offered. 

    I registered for an event, and now I can't make it. What do I do?

    PRIOR TO EVENT DAY, if you need to withdraw, for whatever reason, LinksRun can either transfer your entry to a future event at no cost, or offer a refund. There is a 25% cancellation fee for all refunds. Please note, we are unable to offer a transfer or refund ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT.

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